We currently accept cryptocurrencies and amazon gift cards at checkout. You can also pay with credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or bank transfer via coingate using the instructions below.

Pay With Crypto

Choose the ‘Cryptocurrencies’ option at checkout to pay for your order with one of the following coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Pay With Gift Card

Choose the ‘Amazon Gift Cards’ option at checkout to pay for your order with a physical or digital amazon.com gift card. There is a 25% surcharge for the Amazon gift card payment method.

After selecting this method you will be redirected to a guide detailing how to pay. If you don’t use crypto, you can simply follow the guide and buy a gift card with visa/mastercard from amazon to pay for your order.

Pay With Visa/Mastercard

It is difficult for Modafinil vendors to process payments using traditional methods because Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and most banks do not allow transactions for prescription medications. Cryptocurrencies are a type of decentralized currency which does not have any such restrictions. While we can’t process credit card payments ourselves directly, you can still pay with card or bank transfer via CoinGate. Follow these instructions to use this method:

Step 1: Once you’ve added your desired products to cart, proceeded to checkout, and filled out the shipping/billing info, select ‘Cryptocurrencies’ then ‘Bitcoin’ as your payment method. Click ‘Complete Order’.

modafinil bitcoin checkout guide

Step 2: On the next page, you’re shown the details for the Bitcoin transaction. Copy the Bitcoin wallet address and amount of Bitcoin to send.

Step 3: In a new tab or browser window, go to https://buy.coingate.com/. In the ‘Amount’ section paste the number of Bitcoins displayed on our order page. In the ‘Your Wallet Address’ section paste the Bitcoin address displayed on our order page. Make sure the number of Bitcoins match on our site and CoinGate and do not change the USD price as this can cause an error. Click ‘Go To Checkout’ to continue.

buy modafinil with credit card

Step 4: Choose either credit/debit card or global bank transfer as the payment method and click ‘Continue’. Please note that CoinGate will charge a small fee for their service on top of your order total.

buy modafinil with bank transfer

Step 5: After entering your payment details you’ll be required to verify your identity. Once verified your transaction will complete. CoinGate will send us the Bitcoin to pay for your order and you’ll get a notification once it has been shipped.

If your order timer runs out before we receive the Bitcoin from coingate it will cancel automatically. Don’t worry about this, we will still process the order manually as soon as we receive the coins.

If you have any payment or order related questions, contact us by using the live chat feature of the website or by emailing [email protected] We will get back to you as soon as possible.